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Cape Ann Youth Hockey
Boys and girls from the ages 3-16 can learn to skate and develop hockey skills in Cape Ann Youth Hockey's various programs. Cape Ann Youth Hockey is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors and run by volunteers. CAYH is committed to providing our players the opportunity to have fun on the ice while learning the basic skills of ice skating and how to play the game of hockey. Most importantly, we want each and every athlete to develop friendships and have fun. We hope to develop our players to become the best hockey players that they can be and to help set good examples for them to carry into their adulthood while participating in a sport that they love to play.  

March Madness Winners 2018




3/1 Molly Taormina JP Barry $25
3/2 Calvin Sawyer Calvin Sawyer $25
3/3 Dana Rousmaniere Jack Rousmaniere $25
3/4 Kyle Russo Tyler Russo $25
3/5 Glen Manfra Ben Scola $25
3/6 Elisa Pitkin Finn Schrafft Teamed Autographed Flyers Jersey
3/7 Wendy Mahoney Ethan Mahoney $25
3/8 Steve Curley II Connor Curley $25
3/9 Peggy Litchfield Jack Fonti $25
3/10 Marcia Budrow Derek Budrow $25
3/11 Sarah Goodale Finn Schrafft $25
3/12 Rosey Lourenco Cammi Cooper $25
3/13 Paul Murphy Michael Murphy $100
3/14 Mary Caffrey Brooke Bouchie $25
3/15 Will Brown Will Brown $25
3/16 Paul Murphy Michael Murphy $25
3/17 Faith Byers Jaeden Chipperini 3 Month Family Pool Membership @ Cape Ann Marina
3/18 Maria Churchill Camron Smithson $25
3/19 Heidi Schuster Robbie Schuster $25
3/20 Jackie Ciaramitaro Cammi Cooper $25
3/21 Emily Russo Tyler Russo $25
3/22 Aoife Sullivan Jaeden Chipperini $25
3/23 Charlie Nichols Derek Budrow $25
3/24 Tara Johnson Andrew Johnson $25
3/25 Tammy & Hank Morgan Connor Oliveira $25
3/26 Janelle Puopolo Karissa Burgess $25
3/27 Sean Weller Chris Dailey Autographed Ninkovich Football
3/28 Kathy Moran Kellen Moran $25
3/29 Jessica Bradley Willa Bradley $25
3/30 Mike Marino Derek Budrow $25
3/31 James Aber Kellen Moran $500





by posted 03/01/2018