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Cape Ann Youth Hockey
Boys and girls from the ages 3-16 can learn to skate and develop hockey skills in Cape Ann Youth Hockey's various programs. Cape Ann Youth Hockey is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors and run by volunteers. CAYH is committed to providing our players the opportunity to have fun on the ice while learning the basic skills of ice skating and how to play the game of hockey. Most importantly, we want each and every athlete to develop friendships and have fun. We hope to develop our players to become the best hockey players that they can be and to help set good examples for them to carry into their adulthood while participating in a sport that they love to play.  

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Dear CAYH parents and players, Our mission is to continuously...
  Evaluations for Mite Squirt, Pee Wee & Bantam...

Dear CAYH parents and players,

Our mission is to continuously strive to ensure our players are provided a meaningful, enjoyable, challenging and safe hockey experience in accordance with the goals of Mass Hockey and USA Hockey.  We promote values of good sportsmanship, honesty, respect for all individuals and personal integrity.  Cape Ann Youth Hockey is committed to the long-term growth and development of all levels of ice hockey players and a love of the game.

It is that time of the year when we begin hockey player placement evaluations for the 2019/20 co--ed travel hockey season. CAYH has made several enhancements to the process of player evaluations to make it transparent to our families and players with the intent of improving from year to year.

Our evaluation process is designed to place similarly skilled players together in an environment that focuses on improvement and enjoyment of the game. Evaluations should not be a stressful time for a player, have fun, this is their chance to shine and show the evaluators what they have. Determination and attitude play a big part in this game and will be noticed.
Players are not grandfathered to any given team they may have played on the year before and may be moved down a playing level according to the score the player attains compared to his/her peers they are competing against.  All players that attend evaluations will be placed on a team.

Please remember the evaluation process is not about making the best team. This process is about placing a player in the best environment for them to improve as an overall player and most importantly, have fun. A player placed inappropriately will not be happy, and will not improve as he/she should. We strive to create a love of the game, where your child can’t wait to get to the rink.

Each playing level (Squirt-Bantam) will have 3 separate dates of on ice evaluations. Mites will have 2 separate dates of on ice evaluations (score percentages will be based on 2 nights rather than 3). Midgets will have a separate evaluation which will be held prior to the start of the high school spring sports season. Players should plan on attending all scheduled sessions.  Should your child miss an evaluation night please refer to the player absence policy.

Player Absence:

• Excused absence is something out of your/player’s control preventing attendance but you have made contact with as much advance notice as possible with the CAYH Registrar, Mandy Milan, to discuss

• Excused absence will result in a reduced score of other dates attended average with scrimmage weight vs skills weight considered and calculated accordingly. Please contact Rob Harris the director of hockey should you have additional questions.

• Unexcused absence is no contact and no show resulting in a 0 score for that session.

The evaluation and placement process happens over the course of the month of April and teams will be announced by mid-May. Parents will be notified via email of their player’s placement. Those that have been through evaluations before are familiar with the on ice evaluations CAYH holds each year. In these sessions, we hire independent evaluators to come and score the players over multiple sessions. In the Skills session, all the players complete a set of drills that are scored by the evaluators this accounts for 30% of a players score. Skaters are evaluated on skating ability and puck handling. In the scrimmage sessions games are set up to evaluate true hockey game skills. Players are evaluated on competitiveness, creativity, vision and hockey IQ. Each scrimmage session accounts for 35% of the players score. Current CAYH coaches will manage on-ice drills and will referee the scrimmage sessions.

Each player will be placed according to the score they have been given by the evaluators. Each goalie will be scored by Bertanga Goaltending and placed according to the recommendations made.

It is important to note that coaches for next year’s teams have not been selected at this point. Only after placement is complete do discussions begin on who will be the coaches.

Coaches Evaluations:

Up to three coaches per roster will complete an evaluation form for each player. The coaches’ evaluation include all aspects of hockey, sportsmanship, effort and how they compare to their teammates. These evaluations will differentiate a group of players being considered for a team where multiple players have equal scores and not all can be selected. Coaches will be contacted in each case where multiple players have similar scores for further discussion, if needed. Coach evaluations will be used for placement comparing players with an excused absence.

If your child is a “bubble” player, meaning they are right on the line between 2 teams, consider the difference. If your child is in the bottom half in terms of skill for a team, he/she will touch the puck less, be less involved in the play, and struggle with confidence. “Playing up” does not produce better players. If your child is in the top half of skill on the team, they will be more involved in the play, touch the puck more, and gain confidence. Confidence is critical to this game at every level.

CAYH Board of Directors has elected a placement committee to review the scores and hold any discussion with coaches where needed as discussed above in coaches evaluations section. All player placements must also be approved by the full CAYH Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct:

Players are to behave in accordance with CAYH & USA Hockey Player Codes of Conduct at all times.

Parents are to behave in accordance with CAYH & USA Hockey Parent Code of Conduct. We ask that parents and coaches be respectful during evaluations and do not communicate with the evaluators and let them focus on their task.

Financial Requirements:

Players must be in good financial standing in order and have an active payment plan to participate in player evaluations for the 2019-20 season. Please review your account at to bring your account current prior to the first night of evaluations. Please contact CAYH Treasurer, Neil Costa, with any questions regarding your account status or to arrange a payment plan.

We look forward to seeing you at the rink in April for evaluations and hope this gives you a better understanding of the work we strive to achieve to bring the best experience to all of you in the CAYH family.

Should you have any questions about the player placement process please contact CAYH’s Director of Hockey, Rob Harris at

Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and the tremendous amount of time and effort that you, as players and parents, give to this program.

Cape Ann Youth Hockey Board of Directors

by posted 03/13/2019


Evaluations for Mite Squirt, Pee Wee & Bantam Co-Ed Travel Teams for the 2019-20 Season will be held on April 3, 4, 5. 

Please save the dates.  Please plan to attend all evaluation nights at the appropriate playing level.


Registration is OPEN 


Time Playing Level 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr
5pm Mite (2011, 2012) n/a Skills Scrimmage 1
6pm Squirts (2009, 2010) Skills Scrimmage 1 Scrimmage 2
7pm Pee Wees (2007, 2008) Skills Scrimmage 1 Scrimmage 2
8pm Bantams (2005, 2006) Skills Scrimmage 1 Scrimmage 2


by posted 02/15/2019
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