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Boys and girls from the ages 3-16 can learn to skate and develop hockey skills in our various programs. CAYH is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors and run by volunteers. CAYH is committed to providing our players the opportunity to have fun on the ice while learning the basic skills of ice skating and how to play the game of hockey. Most importantly, we want each and every athlete to develop friendships and have fun. We hope to develop our players to become the best hockey players that they can be and to help set good examples for them to carry into their adulthood while participating in a sport that they love to play.


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Evaluations for 2015-2016 Season
  Dear CAYH Nation, Our mission is to continuously strive...

  CAYH would like to thank everyone for their support...
Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Evaluations!!
CAYH Co-Ed Travel Team Evaluations Squirt, Pee Wee...
Evaluations for 2015-2016 Season


Dear CAYH Nation,

Our mission is to continuously strive to build a better program for the members & players of Cape Ann Youth Hockey, in accordance with the goals of Mass Hockey and USA Hockey. We want our program to be geared to the enjoyment of players, and to help our youth develop hockey skills as well as a love for the game. I believe we have a very strong program and we are continuing to build it as best we can.

This year we brought in Power Edges for skating and skill development, we added goalie training with Bertagna Goaltending, and we introduced Chaos hockey to maximize ice for the players throughout the season. We will continue to work hard to be the very best hockey program for our community as we move forward.

It is that time of the year when we begin the selection process for the 2015/16 CAYH travel teams.  The ONLY goal of evaluations is to get the right players on the right team, so as to maximize a player’s enjoyable experience for the season. It is NOT to set up anyone for a varsity position, Division 1 Scholarship or NHL Contract. Our process works 99.99% of the time. We are all volunteers who love hockey and who want to give back to the community. Please keep that in mind.

On behalf of the CAYH Board of Directors, thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and the tremendous amount of time and effort that you, as players and parents, give to this program.

Best Regards,
Chris Karvelas
CAYH President
Hockey is Life!

CAYH Evaluation Process


On-Ice Evaluations:

*       On-ice evaluations will take place over two nights (March 16th & 19th).  Players and Goalies should attend both sessions. Please note that evaluation times are posted on CAYH website for each playing level.  

*       The first night we will be evaluating Hockey & Skating Skills (Skating, Shooting, Passing, Puck Handling, etc.).

*       The second night will consist of a scrimmage game where the skaters will be evaluated on their game play (Hockey Sense, Hustle/Battle, Positional Play, etc.).

*       Each night is worth 50% of the player’s total score. If a player misses one of the try-out sessions, they will be given 70% of their score from the other session as their score for the session they missed. Therefore, it is CRITICAL for the players to attend BOTH sessions for them to achieve their best score.

*       The resulting scores from each night are calculated to determine the overall score. The players will then ranked by their evaluation scores.

*       Goalies will be evaluated by Bertagna Goaltending as in past years.


Team Selections:

*       The scores are tallied and the players are listed according to their overall evaluation score. The Selection Committee reviews the enrollment to decide how many players per team to recommend to the Board of Directors, and begins to select the teams using the evaluation score as well as feedback from the player’s coaches to select the teams.

NOTE:  We have eliminated the Parity Process again like last year, for the 2015-16 Season!  In lieu of parity, the Selection Committee will review a player’s history and will utilize current coach’s evaluations and input to make our final decisions on team placement. All decisions regarding team placement will be reviewed and approved by the CAYH Board of Directors before the placements are posted. This will enable the teams to be set before the summer and allow the coaches to be determined well before the season begins.

Team placement will be posted on CAYH website once the 2014-15 Valley League play-off and championship games are complete for all teams.  We expect this to be no later than April 30th.  Placement will be posted by players’ piney number and color worn during evaluations.

Please note that players are not "grandfathered" on a team.  Players will be evaluated at tryouts and placed on a team within that level.  Any player can be on any team within the level, regardless of last year's placement.

We will be asking people who know the game of hockey to be our off ice evaluators.

If a player misses both nights of evaluations, that player will be placed solely at the discretion of the Selection Committee, with final approval by the Board of Directors.   We will take into account the player’s past history and coach’s feedback in order to make our decision.  However, missing try-outs will not be looked upon favorably by the committee and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Only players that have registered for evaluations and pay the $150 fee will be considered for placement.  If you do not register, you will NOT be placed on a team!!  This is for team & player counts so non-registered players will not have a spot if they are not registered by March 15th.  The evaluation fee will be applied to 2015-16 tuition for players who complete the registration process for the 2015-16 CAYH Co-Ed travel program.  The fee is non-refundable for those who do not choose to play with CAYH for 2015-16.  The fee may be transferred to a sibling in 2015-16 season.


Should you have any questions, please contact Frank Caputo 617-717-9858 as soon as possible.

by posted 02/27/2015


CAYH would like to thank everyone for their support

at the Jalapenos fundraiser!    


Money calendars are still available!!


 Congratulations to Giacomo Martell, winner of the autographed Flyers shirt, and congratulations to Rick Doucette for wining the puck! 


by posted 02/19/2015
Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Evaluations!!

CAYH Co-Ed Travel Team Evaluations

Squirt, Pee Wee & Bantam Levels


Evaluations will be held on Monday, March 16th AND Thursday, March 19th.  Please mark your calendars.


Playing Level        Birth Years

Squirt                     2005 & 2006

Pee Wee                2003 & 2004

Bantam                  2001 & 2002  (We will only have full-season Bantam teams for the 2015-16 season)


Schedule is the same for both nights of evaluations:  

**  Players, for each night of evaluations, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled evaluation time to accommodate for check in procedures. 


Squirt 5:30 - 6:30pm


Pee Wee 6:40 - 7:40pm


Bantam 7:50 - 8:50pm


**  All players are expected to attend BOTH tryout sessions at their respective 2015-16 level.

**  More evaluation details will be sent out as they become available.

**  Dates for Mite and Midget evaluations will be announced at a future date.

**  Please be sure that your tuition for the 2014-15 season is paid in full prior to evaluations. 


by posted 02/03/2015
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